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Monday, February 2, 2009

Lots Of Fun Stuff!

I had so much fun yesterday! We went to Madison to spend the day with my parents, my sister, and their friends, the Bayer family. They have 6 of the nicest, best behaved children I have ever met!

Mom and Dad have a Wii, so we played with that. I love bowling with it- I do much better there than I do in an actual bowling alley... I need to have the bumpers up in real life! The Ski Jump with the Fit Board was fun, too! And the Hula Hoop is a real workout!

I really want a Wii. With the Fit Board. I think I will start saving up for one!

We also watched some football game that was on yesterday... the Super-something. Seriously, I do not pay attention to TV or football at all. My sister had mentioned that she was going to be at my parents' house, so I invited Hubby and I to join them. Mom said sure, come on up, the Bayers will be here. Bring a pot of soup, to help feed everyone! It took 4 e-mails from Mom for me to catch on to the fact that they were having a Super Bowl get together! It was really funny. I had to look up on the Internet who was playing so Hubby and I wouldn't look too silly to the 5 Bayer boys!

Iwas also given a blog award by Ann!! How sweet! Here it is:

I nominate Vicki and Paige!

I discovered (via Mom's scale, the only one I am weighing myself on) that I have lost 11.6 pounds since Christmas Day! YAY!

Don't forget to sign up for my Pay It Forward! I really want to make stuff for you!

I need to go pick out fabrics and start on the mini quilts for my swap partners on the Flickr group! I am so excited about that, too! I get to make something for them, and I cannot wait to see what they make for me!

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  1. We were watching the game here as it featured its first Australian player. Not that we understand the game but you know...

    Thanks for being a good sport about the award.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)